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It’s 1952 in Sugar Grove, Kentucky, and something is happening to its residents. An unexplainable virus is spreading, and the townsfolk are acting sick. Mighty sick.

Patrick, a mechanic and farmer, has caught one of the virus stricken boys in his garage, and plans on putting him out of his misery. His trusted friend and worker, Jeffrey, plan their attack. Before they can begin their hunt, Neil, a local farmer stops by. Neil isn’t just there to help.

He wants something, and he won’t stop until he gets it.

About The Film

Town Red was written, produced, and directed by Ryan Geiger. Driving past a farm with a red, rusty, old truck in Montville, New Jersey, Ryan became very interested in the farm and enquired about the truck, discovering that the farm also doubled as a car restoration shop, and was full of classic cars. Ryan used this to his advantage and developed the story about this beautiful farm.

An original film date was planned for November of 2011, but a freak snowstorm in October caused production to be postponed until spring of 2012. The film shoot was a total of 4 days, spanning several months. Originally, the production schedule called for the film to be completed in just 2 days. But after rainstorms and daylight issues, additional days had be scheduled in August and September.

Upon completion, Ryan found Dan Coda, an Emmy-winning editor and the two began to work in Dan’s studio, editing the film. Ryan relied on his previous composer David Gennarro for the powerful soundtrack, and found an Italian sound designer, Luigi Porto, to make the film come to life with surround sound.

Town Red Trailer

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